The President of Kurdistan Human Right Commission in a Statement : Prevalence of Drugs and Human Organ Trade at Kurdistan region is a Serious issue that concerned authorities is responsible for handling it.

In a field visits that was headed by Mr. Diya Butros , president of Kurdistan Human Right and the accompanying delegation which consist of director of legal affairs and human right protection general manager , director of public relations manager , director of media and communication department. The purpose of visit was to check on conditions of commission’s branch offices. Moreover, the delegation has visited Rapirn office and met with Mr. Hameed Abudallah and discussed with him means of combating drugs traded and its negative impact on the region. And discussed the importance of establishing rehabilitation centers and integrate them within society.

Mr. Diya Discussed the topic of violence against women and Early marriage and its negative impact on women’s right. At the end of the meeting Mr. Diya has expressed his readiness to cooperate with Raprin human right office and held a conference to discuss means of cooperation and coordination between both parties in regard to human rights at the region of Kurdistan.

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