The President of Kurdistan Human Right Commission has praised the role of Suran Office for Promoting Human Rights at the Region

On the 17th of May , the president of Kurdistan Human Right Commission , Mr. Diya Butros has visited Suran Human Right Office and held a meeting with the staff praising their efforts in spreading human right culture and combatinghuman right violations through trainings and workshops ,as well as field visits to prisons . He also discussed the problem of drug addiction and trade as well as the role of human right office in spreading awareness on this issue. At the end of visits, Mr. Diya Butros has expressed his support for staff and promise to include them with training and workshops to build their capacity. And during a statement for media channels ,also Mr. Diya stated that human rights at the region of Kurdistan is in bad conditions due to economic and political challenges and the existence of many displaced families . Moreover, he discussed that many prisons and transferring stations suffer from negligence and lack needed equipment

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