The President of Kurdistan Human Right Commission: Every people has its language and culture which gathers humanity to create civilized communities

On the 7th of Feb, 2017. Mr. Robin Bet Shammeol, The general director of Serianic directorate for Art and Cultural has visited Kurdistan Human Right Commission. The purpose of visit was to emphasize the importance of working in the cultural field and take care of Serianic culture as a human right for Chaldanian , Assyrian , and Serianic people .

Mr. Shammoel added that despite a financial crises at Kurdistan region; yet, the directorate is continuously conducting cultural activities and emphasized the importance of cooperation with Kurdistan human right commission in respect to activities related to human rights.

In return, the president of Kurdistan human right commission welcomed the delegation and mentioned that the commission cares for all cultures and ethnicities because every culture has its own language, and civilization is unifying all ethnic and religious ingredients to create civilized and developed society. He also shed the light the commission has prepared a complaint form in five languages.

Mr. Diya added that the importance of emphasizing peaceful living between ingredients despite the existence of some extremists which destabilize the society.

At the end of meeting, Mr. Diya mentioned a full readiness to cooperate with the general directorate for Serianc Art and Culture in regards to rights of people and their cultures.


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