The president of Kurdistan Human Commission in a statement: Working in the field of Human Rights is a Holy Struggle that Needs patience and tolerance to Handle challenges.

On the 17th of May 2017, and in a field visit for Akree office, Mr. Diya Butros , the president of Kurdistan Human Right Commission has shed the lights on the importance of field visits to human rights fields offices to follow up on human rights violations and he praise the efforts of Akree office and urge them to pursue their efforts to work hard despite all difficult economic crisis. In return, the director of Akree office has discussed the human right report with the president of Kurdistan human right commission and the challenges that faces Akree office. He also emphasized the importance of employees participation in trainings to build their capacity. At the end of the field visit , Mr. Diya Butros has made statements to many media channels particularly with Kurdistan Radio Channel discussing the main purpose of the visit

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