A Seminar on the issue of Weapons possession in Murder as well as Suicide crimes, and best methods to combat it.

On the10th of November 2018, a special seminar on murder and suicide crimes was conducted. And Mr. Diya Butros , the president of Kurdistan human right commission was among the attendees for the seminar. As well as Sulaimanyia governor, parliament members, members of Sulaimanyia Provincial council, as well as civil society activists who are anti-weapon procession and usage. The seminar had four main panels , and shed the lights on reasons behind armament, weapon processions and usage . It is worth mentioning that the seminar was hold in cooperation with Sulaimaniya human right office and TACO organization , an organization which provide social service for people in need. During the seminar, the Sulaimaniya governor gives a speech on this issue and its prevalence to community and how to control it. In return, the President of Kurdistan human right commission has discussed reasons behind these incidences and weapons deals which are sold publicly without any police control. Also, he emphasized that all local officials should make an order to close all such places and make clear instructions on weapon usage. He also mentions that Kurdistan human right commission has a documented data on these incidents between June 2016 and 2017. He stated that human right commission reported about 550 murder and suicide crimes using weapons and 95% of these crimes were committed by unlicensed weapons, all security members should put their weapons in a safe place and avoid taking it with them to homes. As well as make the needed adjustments to weapon procession at the region of Kurdistan. Also the security forces should seriously punish anyone who violate these laws through creating periodic police check points and security checking points when citizens are in public places. Moreover,Mr Diya Butros emphasized the role of law in judicial institutions and many media channels was interested in the topic and have met with the president of the commission on this topic.

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